Wi-FI & Internet

How does the Wi-Fi system works?

To use our Wi-FI network it is necessary to log in.

First connect to our Wi-Fi network by "settings". The network is called LaBonneVie. You then have access to various pages of information.
To access the internet you need to create a profile and then log in. Start your browser for this.
These log-in details are linked to one device. If you want to use Wi-FI / internet with another device, this can only be done with other login.
This needs to be done because of the regulation that requires us to keep your surfing behaviour for a period of 2 years. This is provided externally by the company W-spot. We do not have access to these data information.
So you can only log in with one device and not switch between a laptop and a mobile phone or tablet with the same login data.
Per device you have 100MB free internet usage per day. If you limit yourself to emails, WhatsApp, messaging, this will usually be sufficient. To use this the ID is: BONNEVIE and the password: Wi-FI2018
To surf, use skype, etc. you need to buy internet time. This can be done at the reception or via Paypal and your credit card.

Wi-FI rates per device:

up to 100 MB / day free

1 day 3€

3 day 5€

7 day 12€

15 day 20€